Founded in 1997 by entrepreneurial veteran Deaver Brown, Simply Magazine has over 402 titles for download including audiobooks, eBooks, games, and software. The most recent development has been with audiobooks and eBooks available at www.simplymagazine.com, as well as on http://www.audible.com and on iTunes. Among the products currently featured are some of Deaver Brown’s own works, including Conflict Resolution Volume 1 and Brown’s new Tom Walker mystery series.

Currently, 180 titles are available on iTunes and audible, as well as the Simply site. There are 26 eBooks available on Kindle and over 75 on the Simply site. Recent additions include Charles Dickens 200th Anniversary Collection of Christmas stories and another of his most famous Ghost and Thriller Stories. Willa Cather and Ambrose Bierce collections have become the most popular for readers and listeners in that subject matter. The new Language series by writer, performer, teacher, tutor, and narrator Sam Goodyear has made learning French, Spanish, German, and English as ESL fun with his enthusiasm and accuracy.


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